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Emily Browne


She's got rhythm, she's got soul, she's got sensitivity, she's just got it.


Official Release Date - 23rd September 2016

Original Download/CD release date - 23rd September 2015

Emily Browne's brilliant, self-titled debut album was the culmination of 5 years of song-writing. She recorded the songs with her band at the beautiful Vale Studios in Worcestershire. Now exactly one year later we have decided to re-release the album on top quality Vinyl in a classic gate-fold sleeve!

Vinyl copies are now available to order in a high quality protective cover, signed with a personal message and including a CD copy of the album from Bandcamp or by e-mailing us directly!

The album also featured world class musician Eddie Myer (Turin Brakes) playing bass on the tracks and the final mix engineer was Steve Orchard, who has worked with Paul McCartney, Damien Rice and Bjork. Frank Arkwight (Turin Brakes, Gomez, Belle & Sebastian) mastered the album at Abbey Road and also stepped in to create the perfect Vinyl master for the re-release!

Emily's musical style is an eclectic mix of Rock, Funk, Jazz and Folk and her very distinct voice carries more than a suspicion of classic British female singers like Sandy Denny and Joan Armatrading. “We were very keen to get a live band feel on my debut album” says Emily “very much in the Glyn Johns - mid 70s - tradition without too much modern production. One for the purist if you like!”


Head of A&R: Nick Myerscough



'Strangest Places' holds everything together from the off. As the texture of her voice holds firm there is a languid touch keeping it grounded and in contention. Suitably the clean showing framing the delivery situates all of the ornate tidings in a way that gives it prominence where and when it takes flight. A bit more telling is 'Boom'. Things settle into a freer contention which gives the paunched demeanour added bite. The lyrical inspiration finds a sense of modernity when the murder ballad qualities are considered, but hints of PJ Harvey also fit around the noir texture which benefits from the expert touches stowed away. Then the tantalising pique in the flight takes 'Love Me Back' where it needs to go. A flourish in the guitar gives the wallowed vocals further digression yet it manages to flit between both approaches without losing anything. In terms of substance it is all carefully placed and managed throughout.

How the vocals reach out and grab you on 'Somewhere Else In Time' justifies an appreciation to the sullen movement in the arrangement as the affluent graduation is embraced. This approach and prowess narrows the reach in the right places and is processed to accommodate the requisite lean turning where needed. Presiding over the opening of 'Letterbox' (no pun intended) is a homely precision which starts slowly but builds steadily to call upon a more elaborate blues influence. Despite the sleight of hand in the dynamic being a little on the light side the way it all runs comes off as intended. There is a true sense of dedication found on 'Out Of Sight'. You note that in the comfortable way she inhabits the performance. The mindful characteristics yield something truly effective in how proactive they prove to be.

The scatty and funky apparel gives 'Snap & Crackle' a real shot in the arm. The kink lifting the rhythm shows absolutely. How that interweaves with the arcs builds the presence to enable the execution run smoothly. What also works is the fine balance between the vocals and the arrangement. It seems that the latter tracks on the album really see her up her game and it is again a case as 'She Crazy' blends her vocals comfortably with a more upbeat number. This time out the pull factor is very much drawn from the guitar riff. How that hits hard and fast is concentrated to corner the impact. But the blistering turn of pace is also considered with the vocals which is why everything turns up here. Then there is a dean jazz vibe going on with 'Stood Still'. The layering ambitiously drives the movement but also communicates a finite sense of style behind it all. She certainly saves the best for last with 'Ego'. Immediately the stature is secured from the acoustic guitar and her vocals. By stripping things back and laying it bare everything comes full circle, but it also proves that sometimes less is more. Unsigned and Independent Magazine


The lead track on the EP ‘Stood Still’ is the standout track, and with the re-emergence of Jazz and Folk to the charts especially with acts such as Lianne La Havas and Mumford and Sons getting critical acclaim, it could well be that Emily has timed it perfectly to make her debut, with her warm, deep velvety tones also injecting a contemporary feel to these classically jazz infused tunes. Keep your eyes peeled as it surely can’t be long before Emily is singing alongside Jools Holland on ‘Later’! Jackie Nutt - Lyric Lounge Review

..chuck the 26th November into your indie diaries folks: 'Brownian Motion' is set to hit the UK with a triple dose of musical medicine...three tracks that span a solar system of abstract musical genres, from Folk, through hazy Lo-Fi to pseudo Jazz. Adjectives don’t really work with Emily Browne nor her music, so just have a listen... Ian Horrocks, Editor -

...I’m glad I took the time out to listen to these three tracks, and kept a patient and open mind when listening to them. They are simply excellent! LOUD HORIZON

Crazy Jazz with well-crafted songs!!!

...Brownian Motion is the presumably random moving of particles suspended in a fluid a liquid or a gas resulting from their bombardment by the fast-moving atoms or molecules in the gas or liquid. I am pleased to say there is nothing random about the three well crafted songs on the debut EP by Warwickshire based singer Emily Browne. Each song shows a slightly different side of her obvious talents.

The first track 'Stood Still' shows the Blues and Jazz roots, rather than sat in front of a laptop this song should be placed in a smoky French bar with a nice of glass of something as smooth as the vocals......'She Crazy' is a more traditional singer songwriter style song, very acoustic guitar driven, but with those jazzy elements still sneaking in via the piano. 'Snap and Crackle' pops up as the final track again displays similar leaning perhaps showing the strength of the voice a bit more. Overall a good set of songs for a debut EP as it shows there is a lot of breadth to this new artist.....while there are some strong influences showing this EP shows an act capable of producing very good original tunes too... Jon Cooper -

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Born in England in 1985, Emily Browne's musical journey began as a school-age clarinettist and drummer, and it is only in recent years that she has found her true calling as a guitarist and singer/songwriter. Emily has played many well-received acoustic sets across the Midlands and around the country and with the release of her debut EP – “Brownian Motion” – in 2012 Emily Browne showed what she could do with her own band.

In 2014 she started rehearsing and recording her debut album with a brand new band of talented musicians at Vale Studios, Worcestershire. The album was mastered at Abbey Road and released for CD and download on the 23rd September 2015 through her own independent label - Emily Browne Music. A Vinyl release is also due later this year.

Emily’s has a very broad slate of influences - including Gomez, Turin Brakes, John Martyn, Joan Armatrading and Suzanne Vega . Emily's voice itself carries more than a suspicion of classic British female singers like Sandy Denny.

Her musical style is an eclectic mix of Funk, Rock, Roots and Folk and combines with her very distinct voice to create a heady musical cocktail indeed!

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